Happy Easter






Happy Easter, it’s been busy in our corner of the world, with all the egg dying, wool felting, and gardening. We don’t have much of an Easter tradition. Three years ago we bought a boat, two years ago I was making sail covers and squeezed in some quick Rainbow Goblin eggs, and a year ago we were in the Bahamas gluing googly eyes to hardboiled eggs. This year, I thought I’d ease into it by buying a one-dollar egg-dying kit from Goodwill. It turned out to be a great decision (will save egg dyeing with tumeric, blueberries and beets for another year). I filled plastic Easter eggs with chocolate gold coins and called it a day.

The Easter Egg hunt at the Purple Palace went spectacularly well. Gotta love boat kids, they haven’t been spoiled with high expectations. Next year I’d love to try making a chocolate rabbit and some story eggs, but easy there. One year at time.

In other areas of our life…

:: A reminder of the basics (can’t believe I made that fabric banner five years ago!)

:: Reinstating Painting Day–somehow naming a random day “Painting Day” makes it all good for the kiddos

:: Worked on my menu planning per Simplicity Parenting; it helps to free up some RAM in my brain

:: Our first nature/seasonal table since four years ago (we had a tiny little shelf on our boat). It’s a work in progress.

:: And finally, I got a chance to hang up the paper butterflies I made (the day before I went into labor with V) to welcome Spring.

Welcome indeed.