April days










A few highlights from our April days:

Watching ants bustling for hours–the kiddos like to make “ant holes” for their new friends–and spotting an albino squirrel.

Observing bees at the Museum of Science beehive and dressing up as a queen bee later. Also butterfly nets, a gift from grandma and grandpa to catch…

Comb jellies, specifically sea gooseberries. I’ve been watching V hone her hunting skills to deadly precision (I do insist that we catch and release…after the little man has given them the love squeeze). Also crabs caught with Victor’s mesh bag-with-crushed-mussels-and-string contraption.

Dandelions popping up their golden heads everywhere. I try to tell V the legend of the dandelion sometimes before her soon-to-be-non-existent nap.

Sinister Easter eggs. V made me draw goblin faces on them to go with The Rainbow Goblins story (told very carefully, in a calm voice).

Hours spent catching tiny fish from a massive school (think fish soup) right off the docks. You can’t swing a net without catching a few..

Geese, you know, the Canadian kind that are found everywhere.

Harbor porpoises, frolicking 10 feet away from the dinghy when V and daddy were paddling.

A visit to the ICA.

Jellyfish caught off the docks–countless moon jellies and a “lion’s mane” with comb jellies tangled in its tentacles. Followed by a trip to the Aquarium to see more–my, I do like this follow-the-child thing.

A friend’s pink kayak, which begged to be tested.

A dinghy ride through the locks and up the river with daddy.

A mockingbird who makes his home in a tree outside our boat, practices his repertoire of bird calls each morning. And music class at the library which V loved.

So long April, it’s been fun.

(April Days is brought to you by the letters A through M.)


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