The marina is busy with everyone removing their shrinkwrap. People are bustling about on the docks. Boats are getting a good scrubbing from their owners. Everyone has been working hard on all fronts these past couple of weeks.

Shrinkwrap is off. It’s so strange to see the blue sky through our hatches again. We have to remember to close the hatches during rainy days.

The dinghy bottom has been painted and moved to the marina so that Tig can work on it with less of a commute. All that remains is finish work…painting, installing oar locks (a gift from our friend Tim), gunnels, etc.

Sail covers! This is one project that I had been procrastinating and dragging my feet on. I’m more of a small-craft person so the magnitude of the project intimidated me. The captain has been giving me a much needed kick in the butt lately to get. it. done.

A big thank you to Tig’s parents for swooping in a last week like a SWAT team operation. While they watched the kiddos, we busted through and took off our shrinkwrap one day. The next day I finished the mainsail cover, and Tig did other stuff…don’t ask me what. Yesterday, Tig took the kiddos on a dinghy ride through the locks and up the river to a playground while I sewed the mizzen sail cover. Thanks, hon.

Also über helpful were the Sailrite “Building a Sail Cover” videos on Youtube. It walked me through putting together the sail cover kits every step of the way, making it (practically) idiot-proof for the one behind the keyboard.

Of course, just as I finished up the sail covers, I noticed a crack in the dodger window. Damn, another project.