Remuddling Update: Drywall



Just a quick update on the remuddling front: we have drywall! They were installed by Wayne and his guy in one day. Tig did the bathroom walls and part of the ceiling with cement-board and blue-board.

After experiencing our third snowfall this season (WTF?), Tig is focusing on getting the furnace re-ducted and hooked up.


2 Replies to “Remuddling Update: Drywall

  1. This will sound weird, I’m sure, but looking at your posts about your renovation project makes me miss all the same wall tearing down and building that we did for 10 years before we left to go cruising. Looks like you guys are going to finish it more quickly and it looks like it’s going to be really nice. All the best.

    1. We did a big renovation before we went cruising, too. So a remuddling job may be in your future someday. I have to say that it pains me to start over again.

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