I think our sophomore cruise could be safely divided into three time periods: B.F., D.F., and A.F. (tongue-in-cheek for “Before, During and After sv Fairchild”). It’s been wonderful for the kiddos.

(Photo credit: Fairchild.)

V and O had their first sleepover on another boat. It’s a big milestone for this sibling pair. (Photo credit: Fairchild.)

And we had their kids over for a night.

Not only has it been great for the kids, the menfolk got some much needed fishing time–Tig and Jesse aided and abetted each other’s spearfishing obsession. Here are some beauty shots of a big lobster Tig caught.

(Photo credit: Fairchild)



Their adventures and misadventures included a dramatic dinghy flip, stern-over-bow, while coming back from fishing.

(Illustration credit: Jesse on Fairchild)

Except for a handful of sea urchin spines in Tig’s foot, everyone was safe. Fairchild’s dinghy engine was flooded, so the boys paddled to the nearest boat and got a tow back. The next morning, they recovered all the items that fell overboard, including a GoPro camera, fishing spears, dinghy anchor, etc. Only the grouper was lost forever.

We have lots of wonderful memories of dinner together, not to mention the numerous tows they’ve given us. Our lives are truly richer for cruising friends.