The weather forecasted a week of Easterly trade winds, so we took advantage of the window to head back to Long Island and then turn south toward the Jumentos/Raggeds.


From the Explorer Charts:

The Ragged Islands are not just more southerly Exumas but rather unpopulated wilderness with only one tiny settlement…

Cruisers must be self-sufficient here; there is one settlement in the entire chain with few services.

I was a bit nervous about going to a place with very limited services, but Tig reminded me that it was no different than  the Berries. The Ragged Islands were even more wild and beautiful.

Most of the time we had anchorages all to ourselves.


Sea cave in Flamingo Cay


An osprey flying over it’s nest.

Some good shelling at the beach.

And, of course, spear-fishing. V is his snorkeling buddy and spotter (for lobster, yummy fish and sharks).

Tig speared a small queen triggerfish. At this point I have to mention that ciguatera is a real danger when eating reef fish. We’ve known a couple of people from our last cruise who came down with this foodborne illness. Tig sticks with smaller fish (the toxin bio-accumulates) and avoids all barracuda and jacks.


The Raggeds
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  • February 18, 2016 at 12:00 am

    How long will you be in the Bahamas. We’re near Nassau now, cruising with our four kids. It would be fun to meet up!


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