Tig and V with great grandma. V immediately warmed up to her.

Tig’s grandma is is her 100th year, which makes her 99. Getting to this point good health and mental clarity is no small feat. After celebrating with the family, we sat down with Tig’s grandma to ask a few questions (answers have been translated from Chinese):

What are your favorite memories?
I have happy memories of taking care of you while your parents worked. Seeing you here with your two kids makes me happy.

What is your advice for us?
I don’t have too much advice. You take care of your kids very well–have another one!

What were some of the hardest times in your life?
Raising five kids was the hardest, and running the household. Now the bitter/hard part is over and I’m happy to have my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

What is your secret to a long healthy life?
Eat more raw (rough) foods with the skin, eat little meat, eat more fish. Make chicken soup, skim the fat, eat lots of vegetables and fruits. {She recited a Chinese verse that was the equivalent of: Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dinner like a pauper.} I eat fruit at night.


We spent the rest of the time catching some rays and some zzz’s. Here are some other photos from our trip:

It took one ferry, a water taxi, and a shuttle bus to get to the airport.

V enjoyed the water taxi ride, branded by West Marine.

O dressed up for great grandma.

Great grandma’s senior center celebrated her 100th year with a lunch and cake.

V and second cousin C hit it off. They had a fabulous time playing dinosaurs.

We managed to squeeze in a date at Fluff Ice. Mango fluff ice with condensed milk, mangoes and blueberries. Yum!

After approving Fluff Ice, we introduced V to her first taste. Here Tig is feeding O a piece of mango.