Things that go boom – tearing apart the aft cabin

Are you sick of hearing about our boat cushions? How about propane systems, then? Since both kiddos have finally recovered from their illness, I had some time to work on the boat.

V & friend playing in her berth before the project

Current project: replacing all the old copper propane tubing with new rubber propane hose. Why? There’s a small leak in the system. And although the leak probably comes from an old fitting or connection, I’d rather be on the safe side and bring it all up to code (thus hopefully avoiding things that go “boom.”)

First task: to take apart the aft cabin so I can get access to the old tubing.

Here’s what is behind V’s book nook. Old copper tubing.

In accessible places, I cut out the old tubing with a hacksaw or the Dremel rotary tool. In other places where it was buried under fiberglass, I just let it be.

I decided to route the new rubber gas hose through the lockers. In the aft lockers, there’s a groove that fits the hose almost perfectly.

The hose goes through four lockers, behind two shelves, and finally to the galley.

In the galley, the original gas shutoff valve was in a locker behind the stove. So if there ever was a fire at the stove, we’d have to reach over the fire/stove to shut off the gas line. I plan on placing a shutoff valve in a more accessible and sensible location: in the locker to the right of the galley.

I only have a week left to finish the project. In the meantime, we’re taking a break during Memorial Day weekend to visit my grandma who is turning 100! We’re going to soak up some sun and catch up on some zzz’s.