We bought a boat, now what?

Let the endless throwing of money into the fiberglass-lined hole in the ocean begin!

After closing on our boat a couple weeks ago, we are already knee deep in boat projects. Here’s what’s on our plate currently:

  • Move boat to Boston.
  • Replace batteries.
  • Replace cushions and upholstery in sleeping berths.
  • Clean out lockers.
  • Inventory all boat items, spares, tools, etc.
  • Put up lifeline safety netting
  • Rig something to strap child carseats into cockpit
  • Fix propane system and get hot water heater working
  • Install 12 volt cigarette lighter receptacle

Here’s Serena already hard at work on the berth cushions and upholstery after the kids have gone to sleep. We’re deconstructing the old cushion and using the fabric as a pattern. For the new cushions, we’re recycling an existing Ikea mattress foam (cutting it to size) and salvaging the zipper.

As she finished ripping out the zipper, she said “The zipper’s end is wet. Why’s that?” And after looking down at her feet, she realized the end was dipped in a potty of pee. “Aargh!”

Welcome to our life.


2 Replies to “We bought a boat, now what?

  1. Hi we are Tom & TJ Orr and we hope to be doing exactly what you have just done…soon. We are looking for a good deal on a 30-40′ live aboard sailboat somewhere in the Great Lakes or the East Coast. Our kids are grown and we are cutting out for at least 5 years to explore the East Coast from Maine to Florida. Then onto the Caribbean for relaxation and rum. Good luck to you (cute kids) we will be following your adventure.

    1. Welcome, Tom & TJ. We look forward to hearing more about your journey. I’ve heard that after the kids fly the nest is a great time to cruise. Right now, it’s a bit maddening!

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