This is part 3 of 5 of our 2020 Europe Trip. See part 1 here, and part 2 here.

About an hour west of Barcelona is an interesting mountain formation where a large monastery, called Montserrat is located. The monastery itself is tucked away between some of the cliffs and is quite beautiful. We spent our first night in the van at the monastery parking lot, planning to use the next day to hike the surrounding mountains.

The first night in the van, I checked my email to find that our flight to Norway was cancelled. The changes in our travel plans because of covid-19 had just started. I broke the news to everyone and O got the most upset. I assured him we’d get another flight there as he really wanted to go.

Our next stop was the Mediterranean coast of northeast Spain, called the Costa Brava. There’s a trail that leads from Blanes, a town just north of Barcelona, all the way to France. It’s one of those long distance trails in Europe called the Cami de Ronda. We only had time for a couple days of exploring this beautiful coast and the trail.

By the time we were on the coast of Spain, Milan and northern Italy was no longer an option for us. At this point, we decided to do a roundtrip from Barcelona and head back there and buy flights to Austria, bypassing much of our train jouneys.


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