Moon Festival 2014

Chalkboard drawing inspired by Tikki Tikki Tembo.

It’s been several years since we’ve celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival (aka the Moon Festival). We did one in Boston when V was two, and another small one at the marina a few years ago. When my awesome in-laws sent two boxes of made-in-the-USA mooncakes, we knew we had to share them.

We gathered last Monday at a local place called “The Muck.” As the sun set and the moon rose (the last supermoon of the summer), we lit our lanterns and went on a lantern walk. Tig made a campfire in our backyard. We sat around the fire, ate mooncakes, drank jasmine tea, and chatted.

After all the kids were sugared up and decidedly not gluten-free, we went home and slept under a full moon.

Here are some books we enjoy around this time of the year: