Ice skating!

My friend Stacia gave us a couple pairs of kids hockey skates a month ago. When a bunch of homeschoolers decided to meet up at “The Muck”, we went to watch the other kids skate. I packed a pair just in case, but didn’t think V would be interested in getting on the ice…So I was surprised when she asked to put on a pair. She loved it and asked to go back again.

V learning to ice skate from Serena on Vimeo.
We learned a tip from several people to start her off with a chair.

V buddy skating from Serena on Vimeo.
Having an older kid around helps. The Muck was super bumpy!

V skating by herself! from Serena on Vimeo.
A bit more confident. I brought the chair (foreground left) but she refused to let me put it in the rink.

Getting up and falling from Serena on Vimeo.
Most importantly, learning to fall down and get up.


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