11 Replies to “Cruising with Tig and Serena

  1. My favorite video of the year! what a great trip! what a great adventure! In 50 years, I will remember your trip!

  2. That was so seriously awesome! What amazing memories, and we’re so glad your adventures brought you to our door 🙂 We miss you guys!

  3. Excellent video! Isn’t cruising a great experience? We’ve been boating since the late 90s, and you’re the first Asian couple I know. We used to live in Marina Bay in Quincy and boated there for 3 years before cruising full time. Did you stop there?

    1. Hi Eileen, thanks. We wrote about that experience a bit here. I wonder if you’ve met our friends from sv Night Music from Tennessee (they’ve since sold their boat).

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