8 Replies to “Bahamas Baaaaaby!

  1. WHEEEEEE! I bet it feels grand. Wow, look at that water! Have a splash for us, there’s so much garbage in this Indonesian Harbor we need a hazmat kit to get out of the dinghy. 😛

  2. Congratulations! We’re heading from the Abacos to Nassau today, and then on to the Exumas for January and February. Where is your next stop?

  3. Yay! You guys must be so relieved and happy! Hugs to V and O from us. I have been sharing your adventures with my kids, too fun.
    Merry Christmas!!!

  4. Whoooooooooooooooooooooooo! Clear water and white sandy beaches from here on out! Savor it, have some rum cake, be sure and get a cheeseburger in paradise over at MacDuff’s on Norman’s Cay and kiss those swimming piggies for me and post lots of photos when you can! Yay team Wildest Dreams!

  5. Was fun to meet you all! Enjoy the Bahamas , too bad we came a bit to early, our Mia would have had fun with your two children!!

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