Our dirtiest post: upgrading the holding tank

Tig shared with me his plans for enlarging the hole in our head. “Mmmmhmmm,” I say.

“No, don’t just nod your head,” he said, “I need you to think this over with me.” Ohhh.

Here is our six gallon holding tank in the cockpit locker (bleh). Tig measured this space over and over again to get the perfect 36 gallon tank from Ronco Plastics.

Unfortunately, he didn’t measure the opening to the cockpit locker. When the tank came, it was too large to fit in.

We explored other options to get the holding tank in (i.e. through the engine room) but settled on enlarging the hole in the head.

Other notes from the project:

:: Tig worked late into the night while I took care of the kiddos, fed them, and put them to bed. I was grateful not to be involved with the project.

:: We ruined a couple of Labor Day parties on the dock with our project. Sorry guys.

:: Anyone who helps you out with this kind of work is a true friend. Thanks Bill.



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