Galley sink (the sum of six parts)

“What are you doing?” I asked Serena.
“Straining the dishwater,” she answered.
“I wouldn’t bother,” I said dismissively.

A month later, our galley sink clogged. While manually unclogging it, I broke the drain/hose fitting.

Off to Home Depot (after a slight delay). The replacement part I needed was a 1.5″ drain tailpiece to 0.75″ male hose barb fitting. Of course they don’t sell the exact fitting. So I had to piece together one.

So here are the pieces (from left to right in picture)
1.5″ drain tailpiece
tailpiece to Schedule 40 PVC pipe adapter
1.5″ to 1″ PVC pipe fitting
small section of 1″ diameter PVC pipe
1″ PVC pipe to 0.75″ female pipe thread
threaded pipe to 0.75″ hose barb

After some PVC primer, cement, Teflon tape and some pipe dope….

6 pieces to duplicate the one I broke.

Incidentally, I also bought some mesh strainers.