Spectacle Island sail


On Saturday, we sailed out to Spectacle Island, anchored out and rowed our dinghy to shore. There was a lot of drama involved that I cannot even go into; let’s just say that we all made it somehow.


Tig towed our dinghy as we walked to our beach spot.


He even acted as the outboard. Note the inflated life vest in the dinghy, caused by a few breaking waves. At least we know it works.


After pitching our umbrella, V and grandpa tried to dig a hole to Australia.


Someone once wrote that you should buy a boat that you can admire from afar and feel a pride of ownership. I’ve never thought of Wildest Dream as being a beautiful boat, aesthetics was just not a big consideration during the boat-buying process. As our dinghy bobbed up and down through the wakes, overflowing with our family and our stuff, I began to think that she looked rather pretty.

Coming back, the wind was blowing 15-22 knots, and the boat was heeling over a bit too much, so Tig reefed the mainsail. We beat upwind, tacking for a long time, before coming in to dock. In a role reversal, Tig manned the helm as I learned how to manage the docklines. As I expected he would, Tig docked perfectly and we were all glad to be home.