First milestone and naptime mutiny


Yesterday was our first milestone: we went out for a sail by ourselves. Up until now, we always had someone else on the boat either helping us sail or helping us with the kiddos.

Naptime mutiny
We pulled out of the dock during naptime, thinking we could get underway while the kiddos slept. Unfortunately, both of them did not cooperate–as soon as we pulled out of the marina, we had two crying kids on our hands. V didn’t nap at all, and O only took a short nap. Serena went down to get them while I motored out. Then she strapped O to her back and took over the helm (above) while I raised the sails.

A breezy sail
The sailing itself went beautifully with a near empty harbor. We tacked out and came back with the wind on our backs. We even practiced wing-on-wing. I had some practice tacking single-handed a few times, and we worked out some logistics of sailing with small children.


Docking times two
When it was time to head back into the marina, I radio’d for some help with docking. On our first attempt, we were too far to the left, so Serena turned around and went back out. The second time, we made a tighter turn and backed into our slip without trouble.

Right after we docked, it rained cats and dogs. We went out to dinner to celebrate our first milestone. May we have many more to come.