sorrow | joy

Feeling sorrow when our house looked so empty during our yard sale on Saturday.

As friends stopped by, it reminded us of how much we will miss seeing them daily.

And I wonder how much V feels the sadness.

The bittersweet morning made me wish we could always be there to guide her through the rough transitions.

But in the afternoon, the clouds parted. Signs pointed to a wedding party…which we inadvertently crashed.

Our dockmates, the lovely Elizabeth and Paul got married on their boat. We happened to be at the marina, grilling our dinner when the party started.

Rays of sun broke through as we ate our dinner. I wonder how V charmed her way into getting a meal of lobster, and dessert to boot. Seriously.

A big thank you to our friends for coming to our yard sale. You guys literally cleaned house. You’re awesome.


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  1. We just found your site and are really looking forward to your adventures as you fix up Wildest Dream and learn to sail her. We have always wanted to learn how to sail and we toyed with the idea of living on one a few years ago. With all of the scary nautical terminology and no experience we figured it was something out of our reach. Thank you for blogging about your experiences and helping people like us realize that we too could someday live this dream.

    Good luck!

    1. Hi Brian, It’s nice meet you. 10 years ago, we were also intimidated by the undertaking. There’s nothing like surrounding yourself with people who are walking a similar path, so I give thanks for all the people we’ve met along the way (and hope to meet). Good luck!

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