The snow bowl

Once there was a girl. She got a bowl of snow to play with. Her mama made some paints with food coloring and water, and the little girl drizzled colors on the snow.

And it was pretty.

Then the little girl wanted to chop the snow up with her spoon. She dug in and chopped it up into little pieces. And she was happy.

They built a snow-scape with little snowmen.

And little colored rocks that looked like translucent crystals.

When they were done, they melted the snow in water.

And the girl was happy.


7 Replies to “The snow bowl

    1. Thank you Dawn. I saw that you are homeschooling with the Charlotte Mason method. I’m currently exploring both Waldorf and Charlotte Mason education methods, and thinking about homeschooling a lot. I have a lot to learn!

  1. That is just SO cool!

    I was glad the snow finally melted around here, but now I can’t wait for it to fall again 🙂

    Best wishes from the Netherlands

    1. Thank you Jurino. I’ve been enjoying you posts and perspective on minimalism from another part of the world (which I hope to visit someday). Best. ~S

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