Felt birthday crown

Each year, I my goal is to make one thing related to birthday celebrations separate from presents. Last year, it was a fabric bunting from Amanda Soule’s book, The Creative Family.¬† This year, a felt birthday crown.

The crown pattern came from the book, The Creative Family, mentioned above. I modified the template by taking half an inch off the height and lowering the secondary point. You can see in the above picture, the white piece of paper was the original crown template, and the bristol board template on top of it was my modified pattern.

The wool felt is from A Child’s Dream Come True. I originally wanted to make a green crown, but fell in love with this rich purple. I used a lighter purple for the lining.

The flower was made from Yoonie at home’s Peony Flower Felt Clip Tutorial (peonies are my favorite flower). I reduced the template by 70% and mocked one up in bristol board first before cutting into my stash of wool felt.

I’m pretty happy with the results, and hope that V likes the crown as much as I enjoyed making it.


  • Here is a post from Uncommon Grace that talks about¬† how one family uses birthday crowns.
  • Ohdeedoh (now Apartment Therapy) posted a roundup of birthday crowns a while back, both DIY and storebought.
  • I originally wanted to make something like these gorgeous creations, but quickly realized all those little tiny pieces would drive me batty. Plus I wanted to keep within my general aesthetic goal of simple but beautiful.