A berry good weekend

V has been enjoying some green smoothies lately. She likes to drink them out of bubble tea straws, which are much wider.

On Saturday, we went to a berry farm and picked black raspberries and blueberries. Now, when we eat raspberries, she say “I pick em…in the farm!”

The farm had pony swings.

Having a hard time keeping up with the beans from our garden. Some of them had to be blanched and frozen.

Stuffed zucchini flowers! A first time for all of us: zucchini flowers from the garden, recipe came from Jamie Oliver’s book, Jamie at Home (except we didn’t have any ricotta so Tig stuffed them with brie). He also made a zucchini and pasta carbonara from the book.

V’s first watercolor painting – I love the happy face.

Picnic dinner and concert in the park. V is listening intently to the music.

On Monday, V spent a couple of hours with A, her favorite “big girl” friend down the street. A is V’s hero because she can do things like ride a razor scooter and jump on a pogo stick. She also has a cat and a pet rabbit!