After a long month it felt exhilarating to cut the dock lines, even if only for a short hop to Jacksonville.




We left around noon and arrived at Jacksonville Landing around 4:30. Conditions were mild and docking was trauma-free.




Over the next couple of days we explored a bit. We watched the Veteran’s Day parade, went to the park and library, and rode the Skyway. After two nights, we discovered a Harley meetup was happening near us that evening so we moved to Metropolitan Park. That would be our jumping off point to New Smyrna.

And just like that, we’re cruising again!



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  1. So happy to read about your return to cruising! I’ve been following along on your blog since your first cruising adventure, and was hoping you all would be back on the water again. What are your cruising plans this time? Just a short vacation, or something more extended again?

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