Several years ago we were dinghy-ing back to Wildie, which was anchored in Georgetown. It was dusk and Tig spotted a sailboat ahead of us. “Kid boat,” he said.

Kid boats were an important part of cruising; it meant playmates, connections.

As the dinghy got closer, we could see family of four, with two kids hanging out on deck.

“Hi there,” Tig said, “I’m Tig.”

“I know who you are,” the man replied, “I followed your blog.” Really?

His name was Bob and his wife was Kim. They had an older girl, Anna, and a younger boy. But, in keeping with the cruising world, we refer to them by their boat name, Midwatch. Soon we were having dinner on their boat and discovering old college connections. After we parted ways, Midwatch went on to have an epic cross-Atlantic adventure, and we’ve kept in touch after moving back to land (they also settled in Maine).

So of course we had to visit them for our first stop.

Our (temporary) sleeping platform, which we got to test drive while we were there.



Still packing and re-packing.

Kim and Bob graciously fed us and kept us warm. We always have a such good time telling stories, and reminiscing.

And the kids got along great.

Check out Anna’s Bandanas for some stylish bandanas from Anna, our young entrepreneur friend.

Thank you Bob and Kim!