Happy solstice

I don’t have any wise words about the turning of the wheel and the strengthening light this solstice. Instead I turn on this pretty lamp we got at the thrift store and find comfort in our 80% done bedroom.


Tig put up a proper ceiling light to replace the bulb that was dangling from a wire. I like projects that only take half an hour. I especially like it when the light fixture was gifted (thanks Diana) and the glass shade was three bucks at Goodwill. That’s the kind of high-brow decorating we do here, folks.

But what I really want to share is the new bunk beds that Tig made.

The kids helped us dismantle the old slats.

This is taking a long time, Daddy.” Patience, little grasshopper. The Purple Palace wasn’t renovated in one day.

IMG_7027_2 Tada.

I really love how they turned out. The bunk bed plans were from Ana White, but Tig modified them to fit our wool/kapok futons mattresses from Carolina Morning Designs. We also designed a different ladder and railing for the beds.

To celebrate, I got the kids some new sheets as an early solstice present. V requested horse sheets and O asked for “car-themed” sheets. They look so sweet snuggled up in their bunks at night. I love that they have their own space for their elbows and knees, and yet we’re still in the same room, within arms reach. Close enough for us to tuck a blanket around them when they kick it off. Close enough for morning snuggles.

And on that good note, Happy Solstice and good night.