Holy mackerel! (and garden notes)

Tig took the kids fishing last weekend. He tells me that he only knows how to fish from a boat. So they got in a dinghy and he rowed with V casting the lines.

She caught two mackerels that evening. She was so proud, I heard she had the biggest grin on her face. I wish I could’ve seen it.

This week my girl has been away at pony day camp. It’s her first time away from home for a significant amount of time each day, and she was ready. Although I missed her, I enjoyed my one-on-one time with the little man O. During our time together, I realized how much he’s grown–he’s stepping out of his sister’s shadow and developing his own interests and friendships. I needed to take stock and change a few things up around here.





Elsewhere in the garden:

:: The weeds I thought I was growing in a box turned out to be flowers after all.

:: We had a few raspberries from the surviving canes (most of them died, revealing that the true gardener in this family is not me).

:: The pumpkin and kale are making a good showing.

:: The sunflowers are getting taller, they just might make it.

:: The vines are growing up the tipi (V dutifully winds trains them up) giving the kiddos a preview of a future hideaway.

:: The strawberries are slowing down, but they’re shooting out lots of runners.

:: Our golden beets are coming in–I do love golden beets.

:: Our blueberry bushes are turning red in the leaves…hmmmm, what are we doing wrong?



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  1. Hi! I just found my way here from Zach Aboard, and I look forward to reading about more of your adventures. We lived aboard seasonally (which meant 91 days out of the year) in Michigan. We’ve recently moved to the greater Houston area and will be moving onto a 1966 Ericson 35-1 within the next two weeks. 🙂

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