Santa skeptic



For the first time, my girl asked me if I believed in Saint Nick. The fun thing about parenting your firstborn is that you’re never prepared for anything. “Well,” I said, stalling for time, “What do you believe?”  It turns out, my girl has some firm ideas about the existence or non-existence of fairies, elves and Santa. I enjoy hearing her thoughts and seeing how she makes sense of the world through her words.

Tig took the kiddos to work last Friday for the boatyard holiday party (pictures from the party above). I asked V afterwards, if she saw anyone special. “No,” she said. After I pressed her some more, she said, “I did see Santa.”

“Really?” I said. “How come you didn’t tell me?”

“I don’t think he was the real Santa,” she said indifferently.

“How can you tell?”

She looked pensive for a minute. “Well, he came by boat,” she said. “And he had bags of [boatyard] work shirts.” Part of me was secretly pleased that one couldn’t pull the woolen beard over her eyes.

O on the other hand, was thrilled to get a work shirt just like daddy.

Happy Holidays to our friends and family!