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  1. Hi Tig and Serena,
    Lovely to see you are all enjoying your travels and the awesome weather, it will be a wonderful memory and huge learning experience for everyone and I can’t begin to imagine how it is all shaping the way the children grow up.You are filling them with life… not TV, shopping, bullying at school, fast food and poor role models.
    I noticed in your updates that you have been catching mackeral, they are so delicious, when we lived by the beach for 5 years we had fish nearly every second night for dinner and I never got tired of it. Most people cut it in “steaks” through the body with the backbone left in the middle and some dark meat around the bone, I didn’t like the dark meat, so we would fillet the whole fish…(can’t remember whether we bled it when freshly caught) then you can just cut the big fillets into whatever shape and size you need for meal portions. It freezes really well if you pack it in family meal size portions.

    1. Hi Margaret. We love mackerel. We had sushi the first day, ceviche the second, and breaded fillets the third. All delicious. Thanks for stopping by and leaving us a note.

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