New friends

In addition to seeing dolphins and manatees on this trip, we’ve been hanging out with a few new friends lately.

V had a few staredowns with the Exumas iguanas off Little Allen’s Cay. These iguanas are critically endangered, and yet they are still curious about humans (probably because tourists feed them, even though they are not supposed to).

Swimming pigs 1

Swimming pigs 2
The not-so-critically-endangered swimming pigs. For about a year, we have been promising V a visit to the swimming pigs in Staniel Cay.

Thunderball Grotto 1
Snorkeling at Thunderball Grotto in Staniel Cay. V, clutching a slice of bread in her hand, was swarmed by a school of fish. She found it exhilerating!

Thunderball Grotto 2
The cave inside Thunderball is so beautiful.

sv Robin
A buddy boat! We met sv Robin at Highborne Cay Marina, where we were both hiding from a blow. We traveled for a few days together down to Staniel Cay. O was very excited to have a playmate of his own and V was happy to have another little toddler to coddle. We hope to meet up with them again in Georgetown.



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  1. It appears your buddy boat is from Maine, by looking at the dinghy registration. Okay, that is just not fair – in Maine we got over a foot of fresh snow yesterday and the only white you see are the beaches.

  2. Wow, the kids are getting so big! I just got caught up on your adventures. Congrats on living your dream guys! We just got back from Nassau on Friday ourselves. Looks like all is well with you.

  3. Hope your trip is going well i hear that you have met someone i know from florida fred and patty ill be in the abacos hopefully this week bill from admiral hill marina in chelsea massive

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