Bimini days

Happy New Year. We’re in Port Lucaya now, after an overnight sail a few days ago. Our internet is spotty i.e. catching the wifi while walking past Rum Runners in Port Lucaya Marketplace. Each of us got some form of the stomach bug that followed us from Bimini. Ah, paradise. But we had a lovely time at Junkanoo (more on that later). Here are some Bimini pictures:


:: Seeing the most beautiful shade of turquoise ever.

:: Feeling glad to be able to finally stop and rest.

:: Eating a dinner of conch fritters and lobster caught by Tig and Nick from Night Music

:: Collecting sea glass and pottery from Radio Beach.

:: Touring the Bimini Biological Research Station (aka the Shark Lab), touching a lemon shark and a nurse shark.

:: Finding a dozen pallets of beer on the side of the road (I guess they’re on the honor system)–don’t worry, we weren’t tempted. If it were pallets of chocolate or potato chips that might be a different story…

:: Watching two circus performances thanks to project Bimini. It’s a good thing because the kiddos need a lot of time to warm up to the new experience.

:: Feeling antsy and ready to move in after a week and a half of rest.


3 Replies to “Bimini days

  1. What a fabulous sight to see you all down in the land of clear water. I am so thrilled for you four! And it looks like that beach still has the same bounty of sea treasures I remember from years ago. Wanna hear something cool? We made this landfall with 2 other cruising friends, and we all collected sea glass. One of the guys was a jeweler and a year later on the anniversary of our first Bahamian landfall he made us ladies each a beautiful bracelet made from the seaglass we found there. Wishing you many more warm and beautiful sights!

  2. I just recently discovered your blog and admire the thoughtfully-made choices you guys have made for your family. I also find it fascinating that you guys are Asian American; such an un-Asian life you’re living! 😉

    I saw that you guys were recently in Port Washington. We just moved from there and I miss it very much. I look forward to continue reading about your adventures.

    1. Thanks for dropping by. The only thing Asian American about us (besides our good looks) is that we are frugal (cheap) and therefore had enough saved to chose this lifestyle. Although we are from New York/New England, we are very glad to be in the warm Bahamas right now.

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