Bahamian Christmas…on island time

Stringing up LED lights in our boat.

Tig and I have always been a little bah humbug during the holiday season. We don’t send out holiday cards, we avoid the malls like the plague, and the only presents we buy are for the kids (if not homemade), or things we’ve needed all year long but waited until Black Friday to swoop in and buy on-line. The result has been islands of peace amidst the chaos and stress around us.

When I worked in the financial industry, every holiday season was accompanied by worries about “the consumer.” Would “the consumer” come through and save our economy? How would the markets react?

On island time

There is none of that here. People are chill. Going about their lives. Going to work. Going to church. Stores have toys in their windows, but there is no holiday music blaring everywhere we go, 50% off sales (!!!) signs, or anxious chatter about getting it all done.

Our tiny seasonal shelf

It’s nice to simply relax and do our own thing. Every year we throw out traditions at don’t work for us, and make up new ones.

My festival books

Several days ago we made gingerbread cookies. Recently I had my birthday. Tig baked fudge brownie muffins for my cake.

For Christmas Eve, we’ll probably have dinner with our friends, Night Music. Maybe we’ll decorate some gingerbread cookies for St. Nick and leave out a carrot for his horse. Presents will be wrapped in play silks for the kids to discover in the morning.

I’m so grateful to have Christmas on island time. And I’m grateful for our friends and family who follow us and send us encouragement along the way. Thank you so much.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year.