On Hiatus

The Winter edition of Rhythm of the Home is out and yours truly has an article in it. I’ve been in love with this on-line magazine since it launched four years ago, so I’m so very thrilled to be part of this edition.

I also forgot to mention my article in Women and Cruising, in which I confess that I am a Bad Boat Wife.

In the meantime, we’re on a two week vacation with my in-laws, checking out how the other half (land-cruisers) lives!


2 Replies to “On Hiatus

  1. I just read your article via the W&C link on facebook. Nicely written! I think your plan to break it all down to individual, Do-able parts, and grow with the process is an inspiration to every woman trying to grapple with self-imposed super-hero expectations. Great to read your essay, and nice to find your blog. Will be subscribing here in a minute. 🙂

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