Jacksonville and St. Augustine

From Cumberland Island, we decided to take a 3 hour detour up the Saint Johns River. We had to update our insurance to include the rest of Florida & the Bahamas (Jacksonville was as far south as our original coverage).

Free dock at the Metropolitan Park Marina in Jacksonville, FL.

The kiddos enjoyed a day at the MOSH (Museum of Science and History), where they got to pet an indigo snake, a baby American alligator, and a Virginia opossum.

St. Augustine
We anchored all the way up the San Sebastian River in St. Augustine. Having jumped over most of South Carolina and Georgia, we didn’t get a chance to get used to the currents. That night, we got spanked big time. We had put out two anchors and both were holding quite well. Then after dinner, Tig went to tie the dinghy. The stern anchor dragged just enough for the current to push us sideways, and then set again. I scrambled up to help Tig straighten the boat out, but couldn’t get it turned. People started to dinghy over, including Aaron the dockmaster of the nearby marina, Scott anchored near by, and Matt from Kokoi. It turns out that the anchor lines were tangled and it took several hours to unwind everything and set out three anchors (two in front and one in back). We were so grateful for everyone’s help.

V riding the streets of St. Augustine. There is a wonderful children’s playground on Cordova street.

Watching the Nights of Lights.


We spent a wonderful day with a cruising family we met in Cumberland Island, sv Night Music. E is close in age to V. I love watching them interact with their different energies and temperament; E is all boy energy, a blur of activity, a firecracker.

We have a saying in our family from the book Madeline and the Gypsies: gypsies come only to go. Watching V make friends and having to say goodbye is one of the harder parts about cruising life. But meeting up again with friends makes it sweeter.


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  1. So glad to hear that V is continuing her social butterfly lifestyle. I remember being in St, Augustine at about the same age as V. Stories of Ponce De Leon, the fortress, the cobbled streets and trees dripping with moss all made it seem as if it were a magical place out of time. I hope it hasn’t changed too much over the years and that V remembers it years from now.

  2. Hi, I found your blog on ROTH. What a great writing voice you have! I’m looking forward to reading about your adventures on the sea. It sounds stressful and fun. I kind of know what it’s like because my dad sails and I’ve been with him on a few adventures when things have gone wrong! He actually lives in St. Augustine right now and is working currently as a bridge tender.

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