Hurricane Sandy update

Real time update: We are currently holed up in a little marina in the beach town of Carolina Beach, NC. There’s only a few boats here, but I think it’s because this marina is not well known.

Sandy is approaching well offshore of us, but we still feel its effects. Winds have already started to pick up to 25+ knots. Predictions are for gusts up to 40-50 knots. Wave heights are proportionally big, but the marina is pretty well protected, off the Cape Fear River.

Everything on our deck has either been stowed below or in our cockpit. We opted to leave up the dodger to help us get in & out (we’re at a marina so we can use real bathrooms & showers). Sails are tied down. A dozen lines attach our boat to the docks and pilings at the marina.

Even our dinghy is tied down securely to the docks (upside down with lines keeping it in place.

20121027-190538.jpg Fishing gear, safety gear, jerry jugs, strawberry plants, etc stowed in the cockpit.

So we all are hunkered inside the boat until Sandy passes through. All safe and sound. Let’s hope no one gets hurt from cabin fever.


2 Replies to “Hurricane Sandy update

  1. Glad to hear your made it through the storm without cabin fever killing anyone (I assume, from seeing your new post that’s not about storms). Sounds like a fun stretch of coast other than the occasional hurricane. We’re just starting to get hit up here and I could see our kid being susceptible to cabin fever too, we better think of some vaccination strategy. Reading your blog is pretty good prevention for the adults – thanks for all the posts.

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