How long are we cruising?

We get asked that question a lot.

Quick answer: We don’t know.

Long answer: It drives my love batty, but I always say that I haven’t agreed to keep going after the Bahamas. (Sorry, love, still haven’t budged on that.)

We hope to be in the Bahamas around Dec/Jan . There we’re going to frolick with pigs in turquoise waters like hippies til end of spring. Then hurricane season starts June. Damn that.

We need to make a decision before then to either come back to the U.S. or keep cruising out of the hurricane zone.

Why the reservation about continuing? Because sometimes cruising effin’ sucks. It’s filled with amazing highs but also despairing lows.

I’m told by my pal Cindy that once you get past the first few months, and once you get out of the U.S., it gets MUCH better. We recently met a French couple in Rock Hall who put a bug in my ear about places where you can dock a 40+ foot boat for $1200 a YEAR. Where a basket of produce can cost $5.

So maybe, just maybe, we’ll get to the Bahamas…and keep going until the money runs out.

Still not making any promises.