Child’s play (a family that is stuck 24/7 together…)

They kick, scream, throw tantrums, whine, cry, hit, and pout just like all siblings. But when they get along, it’s like a dream, a 15 minute one.



In Chesapeake City, V commandeered a little performance stage thingy and called it their house. A ring of gravel became a stove. Juniper berries and rosehips, the meal. An expensive wooden play kitchen? Fuggetabout it. How about a brick as a cooktop with some mulch for food? The little man follows every move she makes, determined to catch up.


They “potty” their dolls overboard while sailing–no, we don’t do that to them–or tuck them into their “carriers”/tethers.


V “reads” read books to O in the V berth when it’s too rough outside for them. Sometimes they trade cards.

My little girl gets mad at her little brother every single day. But she also says, “I love brother and I love my family.” Maybe the vast amount of time spent together, without the distraction of many peers forces them to keep seeking each other for company. (Why bother trying to be nice to to your brother when you have a choice of 20 playmates at school 8 hours a day?) Right now, we’re okay with that. They have to get along as siblings first…

But we’re always keeping an eye out for boat families, just in case.


2 Replies to “Child’s play (a family that is stuck 24/7 together…)

  1. Great article you wrote for Good ol Boat Magazine! My wife and I found it very inspiring. We are planning to become live-aboards ourselves in about a year and half or so. Reading about your stories helps to encourage us forward.

    We wish your family fair winds, safe travels, and many happy adventures.

    Phillip & Jennifer
    Star of Destiny
    Bodkin Creek, Maryland

    1. You can do it. We were very cautious at first, but the Liveaboard and cruising community is so friendly and much closer than most neighborhoods, that it helped ease the transition for us. Best of luck and thanks for reading.

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