We’ve officially past the 1 month mark (almost a week ago – it’s taken me this long to write). Yippee! It’s been a roller coaster ride of highs and lows. The low points are usually associated with our engine woes over the past few months.

Beaches galore

Dinghy now gets stored on deck during significant passages.

Here’s a quick summary (of primarily what’s on my mind).

  • Destinations visited: Provincetown, Onset, Cuttyhunk, Newport, Point Judith, Fishers Island, New Haven, Port Jefferson, Port Washington.
  • Miles under our keel: 290 nautical miles
  • Different beaches visited: 13 and counting (from sandy to rocky to marshy).
  • New friends made by V: 8. But sadly none for more than a day.
  • Crabs, clams, fish, rocks, shells seen & collected: countless
  • Instances of vomit – 3–all from little man O and all on Serena–but none in the past 2 weeks under rougher sailing conditions.
  • Amount of my free time in engine room – about 50%. But no problems since Newport.
  • Times I wanted to cry & throw in the towel: too many to admit.
  • Fastest boat speed (over ground): 9 knots. Amazing & exhilarating for a boat with 27′ waterline.
  • Most times I had to reef/unreef (shorten) sails in one day: 6.
  • Items lost to the sea: swim & beach toys, snorkel, bailers, extra canister of gasoline, collapsible bucket. Most of these were inside the dinghy when it turned over. And I was not about to jump in New Haven harbor for a $3 bucket. And at least no phones were lost.
  • Amount of time sailing with zero wind, waiting for the wind to pick up: 1 hour. I’m usually for motor sailing, but the kids were napping below.
  • Percentage of sailing with engine on: 35% engine only, 10% engine & sails, 55% sails only
  • Average speed under sail: 3.5 – 4.5 knots.
  • Gallons of diesel used: about 20. Who knows how much was lost to bleeding the fuel line?
  • Gallons of gasoline consumed by dinghy outboard engine: 3
  • Amount spent on moorings/marinas: $40. One night after a stressful day in a crowded anchorage in Newport. We’re getting better at squeezing in tight anchorages, but we’d still prefer to anchor farther away.
  • Number of hot showers with unlimited hot water: Zero. Don’t miss it yet.
  • Number of clogs/problems with our head (toilet): none so far (knock on wood). But I know it’s going to come eventually.
  • Days we can smell the stinky vent from holding tank: Everyday.
  • Best sights so far: minke whale, full double rainbow (spanning horizon), front row seats to fireworks (with bonus nights of fireworks in all directions), NYC skyline by sea.
  • Love for my wife who endures this crazy journey with me: Endless.

4 Replies to “One Month Cruising Anniversary

  1. Congratulations, and it DOES get easier!!! We just completed one year (account of our trials and tribulations here: http://www.picaroonblog.com/2011/11/05/year-one-it-gets-better-right/), and it’s getting better day by day.

    On the holding tank, have you tried using KO enzyme (available at West Marine?) It’s not cheap, but it works fantastically well. We recently ran out, and as you can’t get it here in Curacao, we’re also dealing with a stinky head for the first time!

    1. HB, thanks for the support. Yes it is getting better every day. It’s just an adjustment of lifestyle that we are trying to get used to, especially for the kids. We have used KO, but I don’t like having to buy it all the time. Maybe I’ll buy some again. Thanks.

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