Postcards from Provincetown




What I think about when I think about Provincetown:

:: The 24 hours we all spent at a rolly anchorage that made us miserable enough to rethink our Pre-Cruising Agreement.

:: Moving to another spot the next morning and instantly feeling relief.

:: Hermit crabs, sand dollars and scallop shells galore. Enjoying the book A House for Hermit Crab to go along with the experience.

:: Gray seals popping in and out of the water near the sand bars of Long Point.

:: First chocolate milkshake for the kiddos.

:: How cruising is starting to look like me holding a fussy and whiny ‘lil man, trying to keep up with V, while Tig runs around and does all the work. Hmmm, that part has got to get better.

:: Figuring out the logistics of getting to shore and hand washing laundry. It’s a big learning curve.


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  1. LOVE that first photo of T with the kids! Sounds like you’re easing into things nicely. And the kids look like they’re having a ball. Is that a ship in the middle of a library? Nice!

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