The Countdown …

It’s May 1. And we’ve extended our stay here by one month to wrap up/put on hold a bunch of projects. We had originally planned to stay on a mooring for a month before we head out, but a deal has been struck with the marina, and here we are.

And then what happens? As a friend once described my eventual journey to another sailor “he’s going to go out the harbor and turn right.” We’ll slowly make our way south. Then we’ll reassess and decide if the fun-to-suck ratio makes continuing worth it. For now, it’s Bahamas or bust!



3 Replies to “The Countdown …

  1. Woo hoo! This is an exciting time, relish it. Remember how you were, who you were before childbirth? Not so easy. If it is for you like it was for us, this transition will be the same in that regard. I look forward to following. Michael

  2. Very excited for you and your crew! Hope you have smooth sailing and a fbaulous adventure!

  3. The Bahamas is the perfect kid friendly place to start the tropical cruising scene.
    BTW – I will call you re: paint. We bought really small cans and will probably end up using it all. But we can order some for you and have it here when you arrive.

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