Yo Ho Ho

It’s been a while since me and my girl have had some quality time together. Just the two of us, without the little man.

When I saw that the Puppet Showplace Theatre was performing “Pirates and Tales of the Sea,” I knew that it was time to introduce the theme of pirates (the childhood swashbuckling kind, not the modern day scary kind). She’s seen puppet shows before at the library and at a birthday party. But this was a special trip to the theatre.

I wanted her first puppet theatre experience to be special, so I made up a pair of felt eyepatches and cardboard daggers as props. I even tried to pick the most pirate-y clothes out of her wardrobe.

We got to the theatre early. V was so excited to meet up with her friend Z, she kept looking out the window, dagger in hand. They sat together in the front row.

She watched the show with great interest, pausing to beam me a smile here and there. And I knew the props were a success when a boy in back of us tried to swipe her dagger. When the show ended, she kept on singing, “What do you do with a mean old pirate, What do you do with a mean old pirate…Yo ho ho!”

I can’t wait to introduce her to ice cream.


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  1. I so enjoy the small bits of joy that you share through your writing. You write with such warmth. I suspect there is a book inside you struggling to emerge – and when it does, I will be one of your first delighted customers 🙂

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