One month to go

Happy April Fools.

We officially get kicked out of the marina at the end of the month, so I guess the joke is on us. Ha.

Will we be ready in a month? Where will we go? We have our thoughts, but nothing is written in stone.

Here are some of the projects we’re still working on that we’d like wrapped up before we cut the docklines

Sail covers – This is Serena’s project. But I’ll have to get the sails on for her so she can get the correct dimensions to finish cutting and sewing it together.

Autopilot – It took a few weeks to finally borrow the right tool to take off the steering wheel, a 6″ bearing puller. I’ve installed about 1/2 of the wiring run and already mounted most of the hardware (compass, computer, control head, wheel drive). So I just need to hook up power, wheel drive to computer, mount and wire base station for remote, and then I’ll be done. I think…


Solar panels – I’ve ordered all the parts I think I need. The biggest issue is mounting them. I decided to extend the pushpit (stern rail) with stainless steel tubing to the next forward stanchion. Charge controller is mounted and needs to be wired.


Dinghyno recent pics. But it’s almost good enough to be painted. And since my building partner & mentor now has full time employment, work has been progressing slower.

Plus the myriad of smaller projects like rigging inspection & possible headstay replacement, boat lettering, boat cards, anchor chain addition, holding tank re-plumbing, rebuild water heater locker, galley locker door replacement, shelf for hanging locker, steering protection in storage area, lifeline & gate replacement, etc.

And then there’s a haulout needed to replace the cutlass bearing & bottom repainting for next month.

It’s gonna be nonstop busy for quite some time.


4 Replies to “One month to go

  1. Hi Tig and Serena. We are excited for you. I remember how it was for us during the final push. If you don’t yet have boat cards, Google “Jeff Orlando Boat Cards.” He is a guy in Washington state, an artist who loves to draw boats. He drew ours from a picture and then emailed me the file for use on our boat cards (which I ordered online for cheap). His blog has a link to his gallery of boats he has drawn for cards. He is a really nice guy too. Best wishes and I am eager to keep reading, Michael

    1. Thanks Michael. It’s crazy here, but we’re excited. I recently designed our boat cards and they are printing right now. I’ll share them when they get in. I do think your cards are really nice. My drawing skills are not as refined, but they’ll have a homemade touch. I’m looking forward to your travel plans. Sounds like you’re heading north?

  2. Remember you are not crossing the Atlantic in a month, just slowly moving around Los Estados Unidos. Many jobs on your list can be done underway, in the next port, etc. A boat is never finished. Don’t stress yourselves out too much.
    On a different note, I can’t wait until you come down our way!

    1. Ah, Cindy. The voice of reason amidst the madness. Yes, we do need to put some stuff off the to-do list before the captain implodes 😉 I think Tig just wants to take advantage of workshop space and tools, etc. I keep tempting him with boat work in exotic ports like New Jersey, but he doesn’t seem to be buying it.

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