Postcards from the docks

This week, I am:

soaking in blue skies and sunny days with a friend, while watching the kiddos splash in the water table.

…loving my big girl’s hands at work “helping” daddy and embroidering–while sitting on bags of dirty diapers…

stepping over tools on the way to turn on the propane tank in the morning, and trying to be zen about it (good thing Tig does it most mornings!)

having trouble keeping up with the little blur named O, who is on the verge of a verbal explosion, declaring “orange” (sounds like ohwedge) “duck” “out!” and “more book.”

feeling relief when said boy is sleeping peacefully behind a screened lee cloth–finally completed and checked off my to-do list.

working with my own two hands a little; oh, I miss it so much! Making some cards, a little something inspired by soulemama to brighten my room/v-berth. Next up, maybe some knitting? Sorry, Tig.

cultivating patience. Because tantrums are never good, especially when mama is having one…

assuaging my guilt for not making O a handmade doll by embroidering a face on his store-bought doll; oh, the travesties of the second born child.

remembering Tig’s grandma who passed away; we are so grateful that we were able to celebrate her 100th year with her last May.