Galley improvements

V enjoys the little improvements we’ve been making on the boat (or rather, the improvements Serena dreams about and I try to build.) She says that we’re making it “housey.” Our galley did not have a convenient place for cooking utensils, so they lived inside the locker behind the stove. In order to get a spatula, I would have to reach over boiling pots and sizzling pans and open a locker door that would swing into said pots and pans. What a dumb arrangement.

The newest galley addition is my own design, loosely based on a cup-holder that came with the boat. I nixed the shotglass-holder in between the two cup-holders and added a utensil-holder instead. Note the strap for the lighter on the side (pat pat). Now all our cooking implements are right at our fingertips.

It was a bit of a slapdash job, definitely not my best craftsmanship. The stain is blotchy and uneven in places, but I’m not complaining. It’s completely utilitarian.



I also added a pair of Ikea Bygel magnetic knife racks. They’re so small that they fit on the inside of our galley locker. I had to use a hacksaw to trim the fitting so they wouldn’t protrude into the locker so much.

Will it stand up to the rigors of a heeling sailboat? We’ll let you know.