In the works


Tig is juggling a lot of boat projects right now. Here’s a sampler of the works in progress (WIP):

:: Replacing our ancient tape player and radio; our new stereo has a CD player, iPod hookup and bluetooth capabilities–completed¬†here

:: A cup and utensil holder for the galley–completed here

:: A book display for the salon–completed here

:: The biggest project by far is the nesting dinghy that he and Tim are building in our basement workshop.

Other projects he’s currently working on (but not shown) include:

:: Putting up a chalkboard–completed here

:: Fixing a hot water heater (we’ve got 2 non-working propane on-demand heaters)

:: Making a new water heater closet and a new door for the water heater closet to cover the big hole in the head

:: Installing solar panels

:: Installing an autopilot

We’ll post more detailed reports when they have been completed.


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  1. I’ve been teaching myself how to glass stuff this past year. But was using “resin” instead of “epoxy” (of course, epoxy consists of resin, as well, but that’s just not how people refer to it). Just making a 17″x8″ plywood board with double layers has been… interesting …and pretty much impossible without an honest-to-god work space.

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