Two more months of this…

Despite an unusually warm winter, earlier last week we experienced a cold snap…inside. Brrrr. Temperatures on Tuesday night dipped into the single digits, by far the coldest night of the season. By morning, our Dr. Bronners liquid soap turned solid and the olive oil started to cloud.

The temperature inside the V-berth was 40 F with the heat on all night. Condensation against the hull had crystallized into ice. That’s inside our boat. Outside, sheets of ice had formed on the surface of the water. So I went to our basement storage and dug around for anything to improve the situation. I crammed a yoga mat, camping pads (therma rests), and rubber child play mats to line the hull. I also grabbed an extra down blanket to supplement.

All said and done, November and December have been very mild for New England. Hopefully we can endure a few more months without too much suffering.


2 Replies to “Two more months of this…

    1. Ha. The shrink wrap works great during the day, and so far increases the boat temperature 10-20 degrees F depending on the cloud cover. I’ve heard come March and April when there is more sun and the when the angle is greater, temperatures under the shrink wrap can get over 100 F. But once the sun sets over the boat, temperatures drop pretty quickly. If we were planning on staying in New England for more winters, we’d pay for an espar forced hot air system.

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