Boat-raising: shrink-wrapping party


The nights bring a chill to my bones. I bundle lil’ man in wool before sleep. Outside, late at night, Tig works feverishly to get the boat ready for shrink-wrapping. In the morning, our boat looks strangely like a Da Vinci machine.


Coming back from feeding the ducks this morning, I see Tig and Dan crouched over a decidedly un-Da Vinci like schematic. We ordered coffee and donuts, and people started to gather for a barn-raising–except on a boat.


Ahmet has been running a coop for a while now. He coordinates all the member’s supplies in a Google docs spreadsheet and orders them bulk. Participants are expected to help each other. It was the perfect set-up for our first foray into shrink-wrapping.


Some people use wood strapping to build a spine, others use PVC pipes and bend them into whale like ribcages, and still others use metal frames. We re-used the metal frames from our garden for a greenhouse effect.


By the end of the day, the plastic was draped and held down. There are a few places still to weld and the entire thing still needs to be shrunk, but we’ve got the hard part done. Tig had to stop work to partake in the Liveaboard brunch party and a tour of the new boat on the block.

A big shout out and thanks (in no particular order) to the folks on Rubicon, Sarah, French Lessons, Callisto, Wind Horse, Pastry Cart, Water Dancer, and the Fitzcaraldo for the help and advice.