Sailing season wrap-up ~ summer of 2011


I’m happy to say that we’ve done a fair amount of sailing this summer. According to my notes, we’ve gone out about 19 times, three of them on other people’s boats.

All throughout the summer, learning to sail was the top priority. Our long list of boat projects fell by the wayside, and now we have a lot of catching up to do. The only major work we did was to upgrade our six-gallon holding tank so that we could handle overnights more comfortably.

In the beginning, we brought along experienced sailors to teach us. We practiced docking a lot (and messed up a lot), we tested out different sail configurations, we learned to anchor under sail and to sail out of an anchor. We made sure not to go out only in perfect conditions. Each trip out was a new lesson and brought with it new joys and frustrations.

We still have so much to learn.

  1. Sail up from ConnecticutTig’s first sail on sv Wildest Dream, end of April to May 1st.
  2. First sail as a family on our new boat, beginning of May
  3. Daysail with Steve, Elvis, Sandy and baby M, mid-June
  4. A sail on Dick and Judy’s boat, late June
  5. A quick after-work sail with my former colleague Alicia, late June
  6. Daysail with Tig’s parents and Dan, beginning of July
  7. Daysail with Bill, mid-July
  8. Our first sail by ourselves, mid-July
  9. A sail with Tim and Lauren, mid-July
  10. Going to Aquapalooza on Chris’ boat, late July
  11. First overnight on Spectacle Island, late July
  12. Spectacle Island day sail with Tig’s dad, late July
  13. Peddocks Island overnight, early August
  14. Calf Island and getting caught in a squall, late August
  15. Another Spectacle Island day sail with friends, late August
  16. Post-Irene sail on Dan’s boat, late August
  17. Nahant and Marblehead sail, early September
  18. Portuguese Cove, early October
  19. The last sail of the season and re-fueling, mid-October