{Postcards from the dock} Oysters, toy-making, and fish whisperers



The Massachusetts Oyster Project is alive and well here, where oysters are incubated in the marina waters before they are “planted” in the Boston Harbor. V got to look at the oysters as well as starfish, crabs, and rock gunnels.



Tig took some time off boat work to make a few sets of walking blocks with adjustable straps. My contribution is to package them for an upcoming birthday party.  I used plain brown paper bags from the grocery store and decorated them with markers, colored pencils and crayons. I often like to cut out a few decorations (such as the bees above) and attach them with glue. This has become our family’s signature packaging, and I often forgo a birthday card in favor of writing the message on the gift itself.

In other news, V is learning how to be a fish whisperer from Bruce. We keep asking her for the secrets but she’s keeping mum.