Nahant and Marblehead, a two-nighter

We left Thursday morning around 10:30am. On the way out, we spotted a seal right outside the marina, to V’s excitement. Sailed north and stalled with light winds in the Boston North Channel. Unfortunately, another short squall came up behind us. This time, we were better prepared. We reefed the main, dropped the genny, and started the engine. Later, we dropped the main and put up the storm jib to try out the jib and jigger configuration. It was still a stressful period until we settled into Nahant Harbor.

While underway, V tries to read Make Way for Ducklings to O who is not paying attention. After turning in for the night, the winds shrieked down and slapped the boat around for hours. Our genny got loose and Tig had to go up to wrestle the flogging mess. After that, he went up a few more times to check on things and secure loose items. We slept fitfully, afraid of our anchor dragging as our boat was tossed around like an empty beer can.

Morning was peaceful, with no hint of the drama the night before. Our boat was still where we had left it the night before (phew!), which greatly increased our confidence in our anchor.

We had breakfast and left for Marblehead where we tied up at a transient dock and stretched our legs for a few hours.

We decided to leave Marblehead to go to Nahant Bay for the night.

We sailed into Nahant Bay during sunset and anchored under sail (our first time) at night, while the kids were sleeping. I enjoyed working without the demands of the little ones, but was eager to get some much needed rest.

The next morning, we dinghied out to the beach.

The kids ran around and tired themselves out. We rowed back to our boat. Unfortunately, waves started crashing over the bow of the dinghy, and both V and O cried from fright (sorry kiddos!) Tig jumped out and pushed us through the breaking waves to calmer waters.

After everyone dried off and changed into warm clothes, O went down for a nap. We took the opportunity to pull up the anchor under sail (didn’t want to start the engine and wake him) and headed for home.

We got to our marina by late afternoon and docked successfully under the helping guidance of neighbors. This was our last overnight for the season.