A glimpse of our new life

This past weekend promised blue skies, a Sunday sleepover was in order. Never mind that the stove was not in yet, ahem.

Saturday, was spent at the beach while mama was at her sailing conference. Later in the evening, we found a lovely playground right on the beach in Marblehead.



On Sunday we spent some time hanging out with friends at our boat and by the pool at the marina. After snacking on fresh strawberries picked from our garden, the girls were having loads of fun just playing by themselves.


We set up V’s berth as best we could for now.


Our dock neighbor Bruce gave us a whole flounder from the morning’s catch (V must have worked her charm on him).

In the morning we were greeted with an amazing sight in the still, clear waters. V enjoyed sitting at the bow of the boat pointing at all the jellyfish.


On Monday, back at the house, we grilled the flounder on a stone with some lemon and fresh thyme from our garden. It was delicious eaten off the grill on our front porch.

What you don’t see in these pictures: the screaming baby at bedtime on Sunday night (don’t worry, Serena was holding him), the toddler whining about going back to “our white house”, the waste holding tank filling up in one night, the hour it took for V to fall asleep, all the wakings in the night by both kids, the cries bouncing around like a ping pong ball in our tiny boat, and the bags under our eyes.

And yet, we still are looking forward to our new home.


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  1. I’ve just come across your blog and look forward to reading about your adventures. I love the jelly fish photograph!

    1. Thanks. I love that picture too. The morning sun lit up the jellyfish just right. And the jellyfish thrive on all the nutrients in the harbor at this time of year.

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